The Power of Choice

In 2015 the word I chose to work with for the year was Trust. For 2016 the word was Power. In both cases the Universe complied with my implicit request and brought me lessons and gifts suffused with those qualities.

Image of three open doors with the word choice superimposed over them.

My word of the year for 2017 is Choice. It was a natural progression from learning about Power as I had the previous year. By the end of last year I was embracing my own personal power in ways I hadn’t even come close to before. I was able to do that in part with help I had from the Breakthrough Performance Program and through the most powerful healing modality I have ever encountered: Multi-Dimensional Awakening. I also had many other helpers and experiences along the way, so that by the end of 2016 I was feeling like a Goddess with the world at my fingertips.

And then a test came crashing down on me that had me doubting that power. It called on me to embrace my own choices, contrary to the manner in which I had been trying to avoid them my entire life. You see, one of the ways I have traditionally given away my power is by letting others influence my choices, if not, then just turning over the choice to someone else altogether.

So when my car literally fell apart on Christmas Day, I had a choice. I faced that same choice continually for a month: do I panic or Image of the underbelly of a car with a pipe rusted throughdo I trust?  Well…I did both. The choice was presented over and over for the month I was without my own vehicle. At the end of January, with the help of a generous benefactor, I was able to choose a reliable vehicle to carry me and my family where we need to go. Then the hard part set in.

I continued to vacillate between trust, panic, and depression. I lost that battle for a while, choosing to stay in a place of helplessness and hopelessness. I isolated myself from those who care about me. I avoided activities that I knew would bring me comfort. It got to the point that I forgot to trust or claim my power altogether. I was so overwhelmed by the thought of making the wrong choice that I became paralyzed and chose not to decide…which of course is a choice in itself.

Then came a turning point. It wasn’t just one thing, but a series of events in which I chose to love myself and reach out for help. I chose a yoga class when a friend invited me and was reminded of the power of women gathered together in sacred space.Image of a woman seated in a yoga pose I asked sister-of-my-heart, Ashley Rae, for a Theta Healing session that helped identify where feelings of powerlessness related to money originated. I participated in a Moksha Magick ritual where the group intention was nourishing ourselves and breaking free of constraints we had placed on ourselves or accepted from others. I was reminded by a new practitioner just coming into her power about how we do not have to lead from a place of perfection, but a place of self-acceptance.

And so I chose again and again. Sometimes I chose myself, and sometimes I chose the fear. After every choice came another choice, another chance to stay or come back into balance.

Today I am choosing to trust. Today I am choosing joy…I don’t know what I’ll choose tomorrow, but that’s okay because after tomorrow there will be more chances to choose.

You have those same choices and chances. You have that same power within you. You can choose community or isolation. You can choose to do things that bring you joy or things that dig you deeper into a place of pain. And then you can make another choice and another and another.

The Power is yours!