Guided meditation was my first introduction into the world of conscious energy work. I first learned about it at a retreat for teens sponsored by my local Catholic Church. In college I attended a weekly meditation group at the YWCA. As I began my professional life in the field of human services, I found ways to incorporate this kind of tool while working with some of my clients and co-workers. When I began teaching Reiki and taking a leadership role in the Pagan community, I started leading and then writing meditations for others.

person in meditation with physical eyes closed, 3rd eye open

In guided meditation, the leader provides guidance and suggestions to to help participants reach a relaxed and meditative state. Once that state is reached, imagery is used to help participants connect with their own intuitive mind, leading to greater awareness physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Time for discussion, questions, and sharing will be provided both before and after the meditation.

I offer private sessions for individuals or groups in my healing space, in your home, or in a business or corporate setting. Fees for individuals are $50 an hour, and group rates range from $85 to $200 per hour depending on your needs.

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