Circle of Light Unlimited! is a community in St. Petersburg, Florida devoted to healing and acceptance, compassion. We specialize in the support of healing from sexual trauma.

We offer personal healing services and classes focusing on healing, spirituality, and personal development.

Niki hugging a tree with healing and acceptance

Circle of Light Unlimited! provides spiritual guidance; training and individual services in Reiki healing and other energy-based modalities – including professional cuddling; private retreats for individuals and couples; classes and coaching on sacred sexuality, birth services including doula support, blessingways, and naming rituals; ceremonies for important life events like weddings and funerals, meditation, and other services that bring light into the world.

Make sure to check out the Reiki Retreat at Sea, setting sail this September! Options are available for those wanting to learn Reiki healing, experienced energywork practitioners, and those just wanting to come along.

We are located in St. Petersburg, Florida in Pinellas County, north of Sarasota and Bradenton, in the Tampa Bay area.

The intention in creating Circle of Light is to help people ready to heal and grow to bring Light into all areas that encircle their lives, whether at birth, death, or at the many milestones in  between.

Image of Niki and students during Reiki class

Here is what others are saying about Circle of Light Unlimited’s healing classes and services:

“Niki is an exceptionally caring, intuitive, and powerful healer. She heals not only through Reiki, but also through her words and song suggestions. She is also a talented teacher. I encourage anyone who is hurting to reach out to her. She is full of love and light!” – Kim B.

“I truly enjoyed your class and you gave me a lot of good things to improve my healing skills.” – J.C.

“I just took my Reiki III course with Niki, I am on top of the world today! I feel like superman! Thank you so much Niki, your instruction was beyond my expectations, I’m so HAPPY! Namaste'” – Mark B.

“I feel like a little child right now. Everything is fresh and full of wonder!” – J. B.

 Join me and take the first step towards the healing and acceptance you are ready for!


Quote of the Week
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“The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another’s, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises.”Leo Buscaglia

Spiritual and Healing services at Circle of Light Unlimited healing and community center are provided through the New Universal Natural Healing Association. nunha-logo Natural Healing Association

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