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Receiving a Reiki session is an effective and powerful way to clear the energy blockages that lead to imbalance and disease.

One form of blockage that is central to trauma healing is emotions stored in the body. If challenging emotions rise to the surface during a Reiki session, they are welcomed and given space to be fully expressed and supported.

It is my belief that each of us is in charge of our own healing, but it can often be helpful to get some assistance in finding our way there. I consider myself a guide, and I would love to share what I have to offer with you.

With over 20 years experience, I provide private Reiki Sessions in St. Pete Beach. I will also travel to your home (travel fees may apply). Click here for information on pricing. Please call 941-524-7594 to schedule an appointment.

This is how I usually perform a hands-on treatment: The client lies on a massage table, fully clothed. I place my hands on various positions, usually beginning with the crown and then moving down the body through the rest of the major chakras. Then I give attention to other areas, such as the joints. Sometimes I also have the client roll over so that I can work on the back as well, sometimes I do not work on the back, and sometimes I work only on the back. The treatment is conducted with respect for body privacy. There is no ”inappropriate touching.” Time is given at the beginning and the end to ask questions and share your experience if desired. I like to assign homework, so be prepared to continue the healing after the official session has concluded.

My sessions are trauma-informed and often include other modalities, and particularly support for strong emotional release. When challenging emotions (related to trauma or not) come to the surface during a Reiki session, they are not shut down or ignored. They are given the space they need to be released.

Release is the key word, when emotions are fully expressed and released from the body, we no longer need to carry them with us. We do not get stuck in them. We do not continue to suppress them causing further illness. We do not cry for days or stay in an angry space forever. They move on. We move on. We feel free and light and powerful.





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