Access Bars

woman with therapist giving a Bars treatment

The Bars are the core of the Access Consciousness modality. This system uses 32 points on the head to help you to release old patterns and programs that have been holding you back. These patterns and programs are what get in the way of you achieving physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health – this includes physical conditions, mental health problems, as well as blocks related to money, relationships, and reaching our goals.

During a Bars session, you lay face up on a massage table while the practitioner places their fingertips on various points on the head. There is not usually music, unless The Bars are being combined with other modalities.

I am relatively new to this practice, therefore, my prices are lower than more experienced practitioners. Currently I am only charging $75 for a 60 to 90 minute session.

More components of the Access Consciousness system will be offered in the future, but if you want to experience this powerful modality first hand, give me a call today! Click here for pricing info.