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Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a form of energy healing that can benefit and be learned by everyone. It can be used on one’s self, other people, animals, plants, and even Mother Earth.

My approach to Reiki is grounded in experience and led by intuition, rather than rote memorization. Over the last 18 years, the Reiki Classes at Circle of Light have developed into unique opportunities for practitioners to learn and grow in their own healing and in their ability to help others.

Anyone can learn to share Reiki. No special background, knowledge, spiritual belief, or unusual gift is required. Some people are natural healers, and being attuned to Reiki just enhances that gift, but in many cases, it awakens the gift of healing in people that otherwise might never have had the opportunity.

We provide the opportunity to learn at your own pace. You can take each class individually or to take all three levels in one weekend.

Our approach to Reiki is grounded in experience and led by intuition, rather than rote memorization.

Our classes are small, with no more than 8 people per session. This gives us an opportunity to explore questions, individual needs, and specific concerns.

Hands-on practice opportunities are included with each level

Both experienced healers and those new to energy healing can benefit from learning Reiki. Some reasons new and experienced healers might choose our classes are:

  • Find fulfillment and peace
  • Make a positive difference in the world
  • Learn a new form of self-care
  • Help friends and family
  • Start a businesss
  • Learn a new healing modality that will increase the level of any other forms of healing you are already practicing
  • Learn to focus healing abilities that already exist
  • Learn to recognize and channel energy
  • Develop gifts that are already there
  • Increase your intuition
  • Get more control over your empathic abilities
  • Gain the knowledge for becoming a Reiki Master in one weekend
  • Massage Therapists earn CE’s through NCMBTB and get much more in depth knowledge than the brief Level I you got in massage school

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I am committed to my students’ learning and to their personal healing. Each class is unique, as it is adjusted to the needs of each individual in attendance.

Level I Reiki

Shoden Beginner

We begin this class by introducing The Gokai (The Reiki Principles) as a path to healing and as a way of life.

We spend time talking about the origins of Reiki and the varied histories that are taught about it.

We introduce the first attunement and demystify its purpose and execution. An attunement is simply a short ritual or ceremony designed to give the student better access to the Reiki which then clears energetic blockages.

We also spend time working with basic tools of energywork, such as centering and grounding. While these practices are not specific to Reiki, having a core understanding of why and how to use them can greatly enhance the practice of Reiki. Likewise, we also touch on the chakras as a useful system to use in conjunction with Reiki.

Self-healing is crucial for any healer to practice on an ongoing basis, and especially as they begin their path in sharing healing with others. In Reiki I we share ways to heal ourselves, both through Reiki and other healing methods. A brief introduction to healing others is included in the level I class.

Level II Reiki

Okuden – Communication [den] of the Inner Arts [Oku]

Once again we begin with focusing on the Gokai and bringing these principles into our lives with greater understading.

We continue the understanding and deepening of energywork, particularly looking at the power of intention. We also tend to have students with questions about shielding and protection against unwanted energies, so in this level we address some of those concerns, as well as when not to shield and how to allow other energies into your energy field.

In this level we introduce the first three Reiki symbols used to focus specific  intent: Cho-Ku-Rei (The Power Symbol),  Sei-He-Ki (Mental/Emotional Symbol), and Hon-Shon-Ze-Sho-Nen (The Distance Symbol). We discuss the use and power of symbols in general and how they can be used in your healing work through Reiki.

The attunement in Level II opens the practitioner up to more Reiki energy and healing.

We spend time during this class to practice hands-on healing work and provide feedback to strengthen and grow your practice of Reiki.

Level II also includes techniques for doing distance healing. This can be a very empowering and freeing form of healing work, but it also tends to bring up a lot of questions about ethics. We make sure to address these kinds of questions and concerns before class concludes.

Level III Reiki (Master Level)


Shinpiden – The Mystery Teachings

“I surrender completely to the Reiki energy and the source from which it comes.”

We embrace anyone who wishes to pursue taking this level of Reiki, regardless of their intent. Some individuals who take this class wish to teach Reiki professionally, others wish to share attunements and teachings with a close circle of family and friends, still others may wish to expand their level of healing without planning to teach Reiki.

As with the first two levels, we begin with a focus on the Gokai, and particularly our own personal interpretation of these principles.

We know that it is one thing to be able to be introduced to a concept and have some level of understanding, and it is another matter altogether to be able to then explain what has been learned to someone else. Therefore, we review levels I and II with the idea of imparting the knowledge from the first two levels to others.

We briefly discuss the business, ethics, and legalities of Reiki in the Master Level, but then encourage our students to research further in their own locale, as we are not legal experts.

Two more symbols are passed on to our students: Dai-Ko-Myo (The Master Symbol) and Raku (The Lightning Bolt).

The Master Level attunement is powerful.It opens the student up to be able to channel enough Reiki energy to pass on Reiki to another.

Then we teach them how to do just that. We demonstrate and describe the attunement process in detail and provide the opportunity to practice giving attunements to one another. We also discuss some of the many variations that may be found with the attunement process.

At least two of my students have told me what a palpable difference there is in working with the Reiki energy following their third attunement. They both described the energy as “denser” and having more form. They were excited to share how much of a difference that attunement made for them.

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 Here is some of the feedback that our students have shared about learning Reiki with us:

Image of Reiki student smiling and the words "I want to keep expanding"

“Learning Reiki will/has changed my life …” Mandy, Reiki Master – Levels I, II, and III

“What a wonderful experience!!!! I very much enjoyed the class with you all. It was a wonderful learning experience and it was therapeutic to actually meet people that shared common beliefs and experiences.” Amber – Levels I and II

“I wanted to thank the both of you for sharing yourselves openly with me, it was a breath of fresh air. The two of you together are an amazing powerful essence…I would like to point out that what happened during our class was not just a classroom experience, it was a life changing experience. It was a perfectly planned meeting by the universal energies I have known about, but I was blessed enough to see them in action. I believe that was why I was there…Your class taught me that there are more possibilities in the world than I knew existed before your class. I am very grateful for the lessons taught and the manner in which they were taught…A lifelong sickness was lifted, it was beautiful and I am grateful. If you want to see to believe, I believe you are the best to deliver the message, as it was a beautiful one.” Darlene, Reiki Master – Levels I, II, and III

“Thank you Guru Jah and Niki for a wonderful Reiki Attunement weekend. I learned so much, especially with both of you sharing your individual Reiki insights and gifts. The whole experience of Reiki and learning to trust Reiki in myself, is the beginning of my journey, one which I look forward to with reverence and excitement.” Kristine, Reiki Master – Levels I, II, and III