Dreaming Big


As usual, I sat down to write an entirely different post. As usual, I’m going to take the advice of writing about what’s on my mind and in my heart in this moment.

In the last few weeks, I’ve felt as if the ground beneath my feet was constantly moving, and I didn’t know which way to look.


¬†Last weekend I had a series of beautiful experiences at a women’s healing retreat I co-lead. The women there helped me to identify my feelings of confusion as a loss of identity. I’d lost¬† sight of my passions. I was so determined to keep putting one foot in front of the other, that I had forgotten why.

So here is my why:

Singing, Dancing, Teaching, Reiki, Moksha Magick, Meditation, Oneness, yoga, Guiding people in their healing and growth, Playing Games, Laughing, and most importantly, feeling connected with the Divine.

It has been my plan for the last several months to find a new house to rent that will perfectly meet my family’s needs. One that will allow me to do my teaching and healing work in a home with its own separate working space. Right now I am doing this work in my living room, and it disrupts the lives of my kids, and it’s really not set up in a way that is welcoming to clients and students.

In a couple days I’ll be going to look at a house in the Village of the Arts, a community within Bradenton zoned to allow artists and other creative professionals to live and work affordably within a supportive community. The more I think about it and dream about it, the more I think this is exactly the kind of place I want to be.

I want to not only expand my teaching on energy and spiritual work, I want it to be a place where I can share my love for singing, dancing, yoga, etc. So now I’m looking at ways to make Circle of Light a community meeting place as well as a place for learning. It will be called Circle of Light, Unlimited.

So whether this particular house I am going to see works out or not, I trust that the Universe will provide the perfect place for us to live and grow.

Post Script: I did rent that house. Circle of Light Unlimited! opened its doors at the end of October 2016.