Welcome Sally


It is our joyous pleasure to announce, that on this day, exactly nine months after conception, that Aum Jah (Guru Jah) and I , are blessed by the birth of our Sally.

The last nine months of anticipation have been an ordeal all its own, but now, now Sally is here and ready to unfold her story. We would like to thank both Demi Stevens and Ashley Rae for assisting in a smooth delivery.

Dwelling in her ego, that she is special and unique, Sally Snowflake hears the voice of truth. Challenges of life befall Sally until she looks within her fears at the deepest level.

Eventually led to a point of no return, Sally’s ego is set free as she discovers and embraces the One Great Truth.

“I LOVE this story! Such beauty and simplicity. Timeless as a folktale.”
Demi Stevens, Year of the Book
We invite you to read Sally’s Great Awakening, and then, read it to your family, your neighbors, and your friends.

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