Moksha Magick Munch

Join us on Tuesday, May 7th from 7 pm to 8:30 pm at Perkins Restaurant and Bakery. To find our group, ask for Niki.
Urban Dictionary says a munch is “a low-pressure, social gathering at a restaurant or pub for people into BDSM. Particularly intended for people new to the scene.”

Image: Hands holding coffee cups over a table for a munch

We thought this was a good idea, so we started holding munches of our own for people interested in learning about Moksha Magick.  So we now hold a munch or two before upcoming classes.
Prior to the class in Bradenton, we will have an informal conversation and get to know some of the active practitioners in a public environment. We’ll talk briefly about the practice of Moksha Magick, but this event is to primarily let you get to know the people involved.